In progress.

I … uh … yeah. She really did this.

A difference a few years make.

Honestly my dad is pretty normal … or well more normal than my mom. Well except for that unexplainable clapping thing he does all the time …

I’ve decided to redo my older black and white strips into color, and not to mention some of the oldest strips date back to 2008. I decided I would start off with this one since it’s one of my favorites, though honestly one of the rare (and only so far) that actually isn’t based on a true event.

Meet my dad.

Yeah remember that trend? Of sending me emails about wedding dresses? Yeah this … this really happened.

Hide your mail, hide your leaves
And hide your cat cuz she burning every thang out here

obviously i'm the first person to ask

  • me: okay, i gotta run, i'm leaving soon. i'll talk to you later.
  • mum: wait! wait, before you go, i need to ask you something.
  • me: yeah?
  • mum: do you know where i can find a pirate? like, a good looking, hot pirate. not like a fat pir-
  • me: like a johnny depp pirate?
  • mum: yeah, a johnny depp pirate. for a retirement party. where can i rent one of those?
  • me: i honestly don't know where you can go to rent hot pirates. sorry.
  • mum: fat lot of good you are.
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